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Replacement Window Frequently Asked Questions

You are looking for new windows for your home. You want the best replacement windows you can buy for the least amount of money possible. You want them fast and you want them to look great. You are also interested in outstanding service. You want them to be easy to care for and want them to last for the life of your home. It is also extremely important that your new windows are energy efficient so they will save you hundreds every year on those “crazy high” energy bills. Determine your own priorities then call.
  1. The best possible price!
  2. You want them fast!
  3. You want them to look great!
  4. You want great service!
  5. You want them to last!
  6. You want them to be easy to care for!
  7. You want them to save energy!

We know you want all of the above, plus nice people to do business with. You want 1-800-HANSONS.

Who should I buy windows from?
In order to save substantially on energy bills it is critical to select a window company that is committed to selling energy efficient products. They should have a reputation for attentive customer service and offer a written warranty on all their window products. How to be sure? Buy from a company that participates in the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certification and labeling process as well as the ENERGY STAR Windows program. The company you choose should also participate in the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) and have a permanent label on their product to indicate participation. You want a window company that cares about the quality and energy efficiency of the products they sell and can prove it. You want Hansons’ Windows.

Drafty windows? Here is the solution.
Drafty windows (air infiltration) have several causes. The number one cause is AGE! As your windows get older they will become less efficient. The best solution? Get new replacement windows that are guaranteed for the life of your home. If you had replacement windows installed recently and they are still drafty it is possible that the installation was improper. Those defects can normally be corrected without removing or replacing the window. Proper caulking and flashing should prevent perimeter air leakage. However, if the installation twists or racks the window frame causing the sash weatherstrip not to be able to seal the frame, removal of the window to correct the problem may be necessary. There are many factors to consider if your windows are drafty so give Hansons’ a call for a free, no obligation analysis.

Will new windows eliminate condensation?
Condensation is a direct result of interior humidity and the difference between indoor and outside temperature. If you keep the humidity in your house low, then the likelihood of experiencing condensation is also low. However, the efficiency of your window will also impact the temperature and humidity level at which condensation occurs. Energy efficient windows will help reduce condensation. A call to Hansons’ will answer your questions about the condensation problem.

What should I look for when selecting a product?
Choose a company with a proven track record and good references right in your own town. Make sure you are getting a high Quality product and certified installers. A call to 1-800-HANSONS will deliver the information you need from your own neighbors.

What’s the best way to evaluate a window’s energy performance?
The easiest way to compare energy performance of different windows is to read the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label. It provides valuable efficiency information about the product including the u-value, solar heat gain and visible light transmittance values. Also check and see if the product is ENERGY STAR approved.

Window Drafts & Convection

Windows may have a draft for a number of reasons including; cracked calk, improper window locking, interlocks poorly lined up to properly seal the window or damaged or missing weather stripping. There also could be poor insulation within the interior walls. These types of problems are easy to remedy, and 1-800-HANSONS is always available to service your needs.

You need to consider that windows may seem “drafty” for another reason; a process known in physics as convection. Convection can lead you to believe that your windows are  drafty. Actually what you are experiencing is warm air forcing colder to move due to differing density properties. When heated air circulates through the home and reaches window glass it effectively pushes existing air off the glass, thus the drafty effect.

An easy experiment to demonstrate how convection works is as follows: Fill a glass with ice water letting it stand about ten minutes. Then place your hands around the glass without touching it. You will feel cold air as warm air pushes it away from the glass surface.

Tips to reduce convection: Leave your blinds or windows open about a ¼ inch, allowing the heated air to reach the glass. Make sure that furnishings do not obstruct your heat register exchanges. Convection is actually proof that your new windows are energy efficient.

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