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How Do 1-800-HANSONS Rubberized Shingles Protect Your Home?

When it comes to any house, the most important part that protects it is the first one that’s hit – the roof. The roof protects your home from the elements, such as rain, snow, and everything else that can fall on the house. That's why the roof needs to be of high quality and made in a way that will ensure it lasts for many years without becoming damaged.

The material used in your roof plays a significant role in its quality. In the U.S., roofing shingles are most commonly used. That’s what we at 1-800-HANSONS use as well.

However, we tend to use rubberized shingles mostly, as they offer many benefits in the way of protection. For that reason, they are far better than most other types of shingles. But how do our shingles achieve this? How do they protect your roof and your home?

The Advantages of Rubber Shingles

Their main advantage is the protection they offer:

  • Heat and cold resistance as they are made from rubber. This also allows the roof to withstand intensive temperature fluctuations, which tend to break other shingles.

  • Provide more ultraviolet protection when compared to other shingles

  • Water repellant as rubber doesn't absorb water. You can be confident that there will be no leaks. Leaks can allow water to get into the structure of the roof, affecting the structure of your house and creating mold.

  • 1-800-HANSONS rubberized shingles have an ‘'A fire rating'' from the American Society for Testing and Materials. That doesn't mean that they are completely fireproof, which is not possible, but they are extremely fire resistant. They prevent fire from spreading and don't allow lightning strikes to start a fire on the roof.

  • Rubber shingles are highly durable, and they require almost no maintenance, resist staining, and don’t allow algae growth. In most cases, the rubberized shingles we install can last for 30 or more years.

Outside of protection, the main benefits of rubber shingles are also:

  • Their eco-friendliness – rubberized shingles are made from recycled car tires and similar recycled materials.

  • They save money through lower energy bills – rubber shingles provide more insulation, which enables you to spend less energy to heat your home, resulting in lower energy bills.

  • Very easy to install – rubber shingles have a unique structure and a unique design that allows for easy installation. They are lightweight, easy to handle, easy to cut, can fit anywhere, and they don’t break.

Flexible in the sense that they can be applied to most types of roofing.

How Do Rubberized Shingles Protect Your Home

Let Hansons Install Rubberized Shingles on Your Home

As you can see, we at 1-800-HANSONS prefer rubberized shingles above most other types of roofing materials. They provide many benefits, which is why we usually recommend them to most homeowners who hire us to re-roof their homes. 

If you’re ready for a change to your roofing, get a free estimate from us, and let's see what 1-800-HANSONS can do for you!
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