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Cleaning Double and Single-Hung Windows

How to clean and operate
Double hung windows are built with two easy-to-clean tilting sash. Single-hung windows are built with one easy-to-clean tilting sash. When tilting in sash to clean, sash can be heavy, so be sure to support the sash properly.

To tilt the lower sash

  1. Unlock the window
  2. Raise the lower sash a minimum of 3"
  3. Squeeze both tilt latches toward the center of the sash, to disengage them
  4. With both hands, carefully pull the top of the lower sash in toward you to a horizontal position
  5. Support it either by resting it on a chair or having someone help you while cleaning

To tilt the upper sash (Double-hung only)

  1. Lower the upper sash at least 2"
  2. Squeeze both tilt latches toward the center of the sash to disengage them
  3. With both hands, carefully pull the top of the upper sash in toward you and rest it on top of the supported lower sash. The upper sash can not be tilted-in unless the lower sash is tilted-in

Closing the sash

  1. Hold the top rail of the sash with both hands and push it all the way into the main frame tracks
  2. Make certain that the tilt latch buttons click in to lock the sash in place
  3. If the tilt latches are not re-engaged properly, the sash may fall inward
  4. How to clean and operate
    Casement windows are easily cleaned from the interior of the home, and crank out effortlessly.

Cleaning Casement Windows

To clean casement windows:

  1. Turn screen clips to upright position to take screen out of track.
  2. Unlock the window by lifting the lock handle up.
  3. Crank the sash all the way to the open position.
  4. Clean the exterior of the sash by reaching your arm through the space between the main frame and the sash.
  5. When finished cleaning, close and lock the window by pushing the lock handle down.

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