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Gutters and Gutter Guards Frequently Asked Questions

This document was created to answer frequently asked questions about 1-800-HANSONS gutters and gutter guards. Below, you'll find answers to questions concerning ice dams, gutter guards, leaf build up, etc.

Gutter Guard Functionality
Gutter guard (also called gutter cover, gutter protection, or leaf guard), is a home renovation product primarily aimed at preventing damage caused from clogged gutters and reducing the need for regular gutter cleaning.

Types of Gutter Guards
Metal – Mesh – Screen – Micro fiber - Foam inserts – Reverse curves – Downspout guards

Frequent misunderstandings regarding gutters and gutter guards, can sometimes cause frustration and confusion with homeowners regarding Hansons Warranty as related to these products. The main purpose of a gutter guard system, is to keep leaves, sticks and other debris OUT of the gutter system. During heavy rain, a small percentage of water may run past the gutter protection.

If there is a gutter guard system installed over the top of the gutter, then the gutter system, including the downspouts should never get clogged with debris, nor should birds and squirrels be able to easily get between the gutter and the gutter guard, (HOWEVER, Hansons cannot be responsible for when animals damage the gutter guards, and this damage would not be covered under Hansons Warranty).

Cleaning off of the gutter guard system would be considered normal annual maintenance, no different that raking of the leaves from the yard, and Hansons does not cover this under of our warranty. HANSONS HAS ALWAYS SERVICED CLOGGED GUTTERS THAT HAVE BEEN BLOCKED FROM DEBRIS THAT HAS GOTTEN PAST OUR GUTTER PROTECTION, HOWEVER, OUR GUARANTEE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE REMOVAL OF DEBRIS LAYING ON THE TOP OF THE PRODUCT.

What causes ice dams on my gutters?
An ice dam is a build up of ice and water that works its way under shingles. When snow/ice from the peak melts (caused by warm spots in the attic or the sun), water slowly runs down the roof. When the water hits a cold spot on the roof (usually at the eaves), the water refreezes. As more melting water hits the cold spot, it begins to "stack up" and eventually works its way underneath shingles and sheathing.

What is the warranty on gutter guards?
Gutter guards has a 30 year guarantee. You'll never have to worry about your gutters again.

Will gutter guards affect my roof warranty?
Unlike some competitors' gutter protection systems, gutter guards will not nullify your roof's warranty.

Will your gutter guard product alter the appearance of my home?
No. Unlike the competitors' obtrusive, unsightly guards, screens and covers, gutter guards is invisible from the ground. It's installed inside the gutter allowing it to be hidden from view.

Will Hansons clean my gutters (gutter guards only) after installation?
Free gutter cleaning of clogged gutters for 30 years if necessary with gutter guards.

What is your gutter guarantee?
1-800-HANSONS guarantees its product for 30 years. This includes labor, materials and more.

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