At Hansons, we can give you a free estimate for replacing all of your windows so that you can decide if the project is worth the cost.

Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

You probably already know that developments in technology have made new windows more energy-efficient and cost-effective than ever before. In a nature-friendly state like Colorado, this is certainly something we can all appreciate. However, it’s not cheap to replace your windows. Are the benefits really worth the price tag? It depends.

Are Your Windows Extremely Inefficient?

Although installing new windows will certainly lower your utility bill (probably by about 15 percent), this is only really helpful if you’re currently losing a lot of energy through your windows. However, Denver varies from some parts of the U.S. in that it faces freezing winters. You might save more than the average homeowner if you replace your windows, but it will still take years to cover the cost of the replacement with your energy savings.

Are You Willing to Pay Thousands of Dollars?

There’s no way around it: switching out your old windows for new ones will cost you at least $400 per window. You’ll easily spend two to three grand on the project. The project may eventually pay for itself, but it could take a decade or so. Are you willing to wait that long to get your money back?

Are You Selling Your House Soon?

When shopping for a new home, people love to see beautiful new windows. Even if it costs you thousands of dollars to put them in, you’ll probably raise your home’s selling value by at least that much. Plus, you’ll likely sell the home sooner if it looks new and improved.

Let Hansons Help You Decide Whether to Repair or Replace

At Hansons, we know it’s difficult to decide whether you’re better off replacing your windows or simply patching them up. That’s why we give all of our potential customers a free estimate before they commit to any of our services. We’ll come out and take a look at your house, then tell you how much it would cost to replace every window.

To schedule your free window replacement estimate, call 1-800-HANSONS today. We look forward to hearing from you!