Deciding whether to replace or repair old windows can be difficult, especially in a historic house. Let Hansons help you make the best choice.

Should You Buy Replacement Windows for an Old Home?

Many people live in old homes that require a lot of upkeep. The question is, when do you repair and when do you replace parts of a building that’s stood for decades?

We often get asked about replacing windows in old homes. People want to know if it’s worth the money or if they’re better off making repairs to the windows already installed. They also want more efficient protection against the heat and cold, but they don’t want to compromise the integrity of the house.

Based on our experience with old homes, we’d recommend approaching the situation with caution. Consider the following tips.

Only Replace Windows With High-Quality Products

The problem that most people encounter when they alter old homes’ windows is that the replacements aren’t as well-made. Many old windows are made with strong wood, but new windows are often made of metal or vinyl that won’t last as long.

There’s nothing wrong with replacing windows in a building that’s been around for many years, but you should ensure that the quality of the windows will match the rest of the historic home. The building was obviously built to last, and the new windows should be, too.

Consider Weatherstripping as an Option

If you don’t want to risk compromising the historical integrity of your old home, consider weatherstripping the old windows to keep them from rotting or losing paint. This can even make the windows look better than if you’d completely replaced them, especially if they have a unique character that you don’t want to ruin.

Try to Pair Efficiency With the House’s Aesthetic

With our freezing cold weather, we can’t afford to lose heat due to inefficient windows. Should you replace the old windows, double check to ensure that the new ones will effectively keep the cold out and the heat in. At the same time, search for windows that have modern technology but that still match the historic feel of the home. People notice windows as soon as they see the house, and you don’t want to disrupt the building’s aesthetic.

Call Hansons for Advice on Replacing Old Windows

We encourage you to request a free estimate from us by calling 1-800-HANSONS today. Our expert window team will take a look at your home and provide you with recommendations based on the house’s age and structure. Don’t worry: we won’t steer you wrong when it comes to style, efficiency, and durability.