Michigan gutters

Keep Gutters Free of Pine Needles in Michigan

Homeowners want to know how to keep pine needles out of their gutters. No more clogs. No more problems. Michigan is well known for its evergreen trees. Here, the most commonly found are¬†the pine (Pinus spp.), fir (Abies spp.) and spruce (Picea spp.) trees. Unlike¬†deciduous trees that drop all of their leaves during the fall season and stay dormant throughout winter, these conifers will keep their needles all year round. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t shed these needles, because they do, particularly in the fall. They don’t drop all at once and is an ongoing event.

And while this might seem like something favorable from a gutter cleaning point of view, anyone living close to evergreen trees can attest to the opposite. Not only do these pine needles make gutter cleaning a year-round chore, but they can also wreak havoc on your gutters if not removed regularly. These flexible, long needles can fall one at a time, or in clumps, and will quickly fill the channels.

Pine Needles Time to Fall

When pine needles fall at an alarming rate, close to winter in most cases, they will coat the roof. And due to the lower the pitch of the roof, the harder it will be for them to be blown away by the wind, especially if wet. It means that the only way they are removed is via rainwater (or melting snow), which continuously fill the gutters as the pine needle carpet gradually slides down. This constant influx of coagulated debris will build up over the downspout opening, blocking drainage on a regular basis.

Fortunately, gutter guards were fabricated as a means of dealing with the issue of frequent clogging. The concern, however, is that not all of these gutter covers are adequate when it comes to pine needles.

Which Gutter Protection Systems Are the Best Against Pine Needles?

As we said, there are dozens of gutter guard models available on the market. But for most types, pine needles still pose a problem. The majority of these gutter screens are perforated metal or plastic, and the holes are too big to keep pine needles from entering the trough. Other models, such as solid cover curved systems, are only marginally better since the needle mass will follow the water around the curve and find their way into the gutter.

Micro Mesh

Micro mesh gutter guards are the best such screens to protect against pine needles. They can be pitched to the exact angle of the roofline, allowing that pine carpet to slide right off, uninterrupted and past the channel. And thanks to its stainless steel micro-mesh, which has tiny holes roughly 100 microns in diameter (half the size of a grain of sand), not a single pine needle will get through.

And thanks to those tiny holes and physics, the water flowing down is pulled through the micro mesh gutter guard instead of going past and onto the ground beside your house.

Don’t spend hours taking every single pine needle out of your gutters, get 1-800-HANSONS micro-mesh gutter guards. Contact us today for a free estimate!