Toledo casement windows

Are Casement Windows a Good Choice in Toledo?

If you are looking for replacement windows in Toledo, Ohio, then casement windows may be your best choice. If you don’t know what these are, a casement is a type of window that’s attached to a frame by one or more hinges at each side.

Casement windows can come singly or in pairs, within a standard frame. If they are in pairs, they come hinged on either side. Casement windows are usually held open by using casement stays. If they hinge at the top, they are typically called awning windows, or hopper windows if they’re from the bottom.

Things to Consider When Choosing Replacement Windows for a Home in Toledo

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when you’re looking for replacement windows. One of these is the climate, as well as the temperatures and general weather that go along.

Toledo, like the rest of Ohio, has a humid continental climate characterized by hot summers and cold winters. Throughout the year, temperatures typically vary from 19°F to 83°F, sometimes dipping below 3°F or rising above 91°F. As it so happens, casement windows are perfect for the Toledo weather.

If it’s air infiltration that you’re more interested about, then the most weathertight windows should be fixed. Casement windows will be your second best option from this point of view, as their seal meets the casement sash straight on.

From the other perspective, casement windows will provide you with more air movement when you want it. The open sash will act more like a chute to help catch the breeze and force it into your home. If the home location is in a way that, under normal circumstances, you don’t typically experience a breeze,  these windows will work wonderfully.

They open effortlessly into any desired position, allowing for partial or full ventilation. The casement hardware is rust-resistant, meaning that they will not stick or bind over time.

Additionally, HANSONS’ casement windows are fusion welded, meaning that they have increased strength and better thermal performance.

Other Benefits of Casement Windows

Thanks to their design, these windows can open completely, which is a significant advantage when we compare them to double-hung or sliding windows, which only open half-way, or fixed windows, which don’t open at all.

Another point to consider is that interior screens are easier to clean. If the window is on the second story or higher, you will appreciate being able to pull out the screen of a casement window from the inside.

Concerning security; casement windows are considerably harder to break into as opposed to other types. The window locks have a hook shape, which is encased in the frame of the window, itself. It means that it’s impossible to reach them and open the windows. An easy-to-reach lever will engage multiple locks at the same time, securing your home from intrusion as well as the outside elements.

And thanks to their attractive exterior beveled frame, these types of windows will also add an aesthetic appeal to your home.

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