1-800-HANSONS Founder Honored

1-800-HANSONS Founder Brian Elias Honored!

1-800-HANSONS Founder Brian Elias was recognized and honored as one of the nine Legends of the Home Improvement Industry, in November 2018. The event took place in Baltimore where the awards were given to home improvement leaders from across the country. These industry awards are given to those home improvement leaders that have excelled at customer care, positive leadership, and creativity, and have brought these elements into their work and the lives of their customers.

The awards are voted on by peers in the industry, friends, and mentors, all of whom have pioneered the home improvement industry. Nominations were submitted while members of the Dave Yoho Associates consulting firm cast the deciding votes on the winners.

In 1988, Brian Elias opened the 1-800-HANSONS business. And in only a few years, he managed to earn a reputation as a successful entrepreneur. His business is now worth over $75 million and one of the ten largest home improvement companies in the US. It employs over 500 people and has since developed numerous techniques that are used today by many other successful home improvement companies.

Several years ago, in 2012, Elias received the Fred Case Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This award was given to him primarily for the advancements he has brought in technology, most notably in computerized canvassing, mobile appointment setting, and the company monitoring and command center.

Since the company’s inception in 1988, the company’s culture and mission remained the same: “Our strategy is not complex: Put the customer first. Then, utilize a team of dedicated people that get it done. After all, that is the ultimate scoreboard: We either get it done for our customer or we don’t.”