1-800-HANSONS of Des Moines, Iowa

1-800-HANSONS is now open in Des Moines, Iowa

What better way to start 2019 than with a fantastic piece of business news! This time around, the home improvement company everyone trusts and goes to on autopilot is happy to announce that it is setting up offices in Des Moines, Iowa!

Nothing beats having a reliable team to help you out in all-things-home matters and Hansons is the company you want on your speed dial! What may be even more exciting is that not only 1-800-HANSONS is setting up offices in Des Moines but also joining forces with the first three American Exterior markets!

The company’s CEO Steve Silvers said that everyone’s equally “responsible” for 1-800-HANSONS becoming as fantastic a brand as it has and that he is looking forward to everything that’s to come: “It has been a lot of work, full of bumps and bruises, but we are off to a great start! I would like to thank everyone that has helped get us to this point – the list is long and everyone’s hard work and dedication is sincerely appreciated.”

What Should I know about Hansons?

Hansons is a home maintenance and improvements company that helps you keep your home adequately upheld. Whether you are paying extra attention to your house to make it a home for you and your loved ones, or you are investing in upgrades to increase its value, Hansons can help. Need your windows replaced, insulation done, siding repaired or replaced, gutters cleaned or your roofing aligned? Done! We work with the best materials in business and have the most amazing professionals as part of our team.

Hanson’s company culture rests on two primary things: high-quality execution and absolute customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we understand how difficult the times we live in are, and we always look to give our customers the most budget-friendly deals without compromising the quality of our service.

Since we’re the company that’s progress-oriented, we strive to upgrade our services whenever possible. In the words of our CEO, “I believe that we have a lot of work to do here, and much more focus and attention will be geared toward improving our processes and overall customer satisfaction. For now, I ask that everyone makes a conscious effort /…/. This could be as simple as /…/ following up meticulously and returning messages in a considerate and timely manner, and simply being empathetic towards our customers. /…/ This is the kind of experience that any of us, as customers, would hope for just as well.”

What Service Is 1-800-HANSONS Focused On in Des Moines, Iowa?

Primarily, we’re starting the business focused on replacement windows. Even though we offer everything from roofing to siding, the idea is to show our customers they can trust us with window treatments first. However, the fact replacement windows are, at this point, the primary focus, doesn’t mean we won’t be expanding to our other services, as well. The idea is to build a great relationship with our customers in Des Moines, and then move on from there. “Also contributing to our “Hanson-ize” process are our canvassers and events team-members who are strongly delivering the 1-800-HANSONS brand! Leads have been running, and sales have already been made. It has been a lot of work, full of bumps and bruises, but we are off to a great start!”

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