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What Drives Window Replacement Cost

There is more than one thing to consider when choosing replacement windows. But, for many homeowners it seems, price remains a significant factor. When homeowners research about the price for the first time, they experience an unpleasant shock when they hear that on average it costs $300-$700 per window.

Yes, window replacement is a substantial investment, but it has numerous benefits which in the long run save you money on energy and heating. And if you choose quality windows over price and hire a professional to install them, they can remain fully functional for a very long time.

But, the price is still high, so it’s important to understand what forms the window replacement cost to determine how much you will have to invest.

Window Types

In general, windows are categorized according to how their frames operate. It has a significant impact on price as the size and functionality of different windows makes them more challenging to manufacture and install. When choosing replacement windows for your home, consider these commonly used varieties:

  • Single-hung windows (on average $175-$350 per window);
  • Double-hung windows (on average $300-$800 per window);
  • Sliding windows (on average $325-$800 per window);
  • Casement windows (on average $275-$750 per window).

Window Materials

When it comes to replacing windows, the price increases proportionally to how many panes of glass your new windows have. Typically, windows have either two (double glazing) or three (triple glazing) panes of insulating glass. Triple-glazed windows are pricier, but more cost-effective when it comes to energy saving.

However, if you have to replace the window frame as well, it can raise the cost significantly since you are paying for new construction windows. The type of frame materials typically used include vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Vinyl windows are generally considered the best option since they are less expensive, require less maintenance than wood and aluminum, and easier to install than fiberglass.

Number of Windows

When buying new windows, homeowners generally replace all of them. Therefore, window replacement estimates are according to the cost per window multiplied by the number of windows in your house. For example, a typical three-bedroom single-story home has between ten and twelve windows. If you choose to replace all twelve windows, it can cost you from $3600 to $8400, on average.

However, if you need to replace both the window and the frame (a new construction window) the price can increase by 50% to 100% and can even reach $40,000 for the entire home. So, it’s essential that you check with a professional for an on-site estimate before you begin the process.

Installation Fees and Warranties

Whenever you choose to replace windows, you should always look for contractors that include the warranty and the cost of installation in the final price. If you don’t, it can quickly drive the price up a couple of thousand dollars depending on the company you end up buying from.

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