Michigan vinyl windows

Why Michigan Customers Choose Vinyl Windows

Michigan homeowners know quality when they see it. And when it comes to windows, our customers from the great state of Michigan regularly choose vinyl windows over any other type available on the market. They know how to invest their hard-earned cash into something affordable, practical and useful that improves their homes and makes life in the Great Lakes State much more enjoyable.

Upgrade your home this Fall. Join our countless satisfied customers who have already replaced their windows with brand new vinyl ones. And to help you make the decision, here’s why vinyl windows are such a popular choice among Michiganders all across the state.

An Affordable Price

Vinyl windows cost around 25% less to produce than other types of windows. Since vinyl windows are in high demand, more manufacturers are choosing to make them, which is driving down their price tag. In contrast, fewer companies are wanting to make windows out of wood and metal as they are the more expensive option.

The Readily Available Option

Owing to their popularity and high rate of manufacture most retailers and window replacement contractors have vinyl windows in storage. Being pre-made and in stock has lowered the time homeowners have to wait from the order to installation.

Variety and Adaptability

Today’s vinyl windows come in a wide range of window options. From different exterior and interior frame colors to window grid profiles, vinyl windows can seamlessly blend into any home design.

What’s more, technological advancements in recent decades has made it possible to install the replacement windows regardless of the layout in your home. It means that vinyl windows can easily be mounted into any space, be it bay or casement, single and double hung windows; and come with advanced features like slider windows.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl windows don’t require too much maintenance after being installed. Unlike wooden, steel or aluminum windows, you won’t need to paint or stain the windows every three to four years.

They can also withstand harsh weather conditions much better. That includes frequent rains and high humidity in coastal towns around the Lakes. And once you install them, all you need to do is know how to care for your vinyl windows and wash them regularly.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows come in handy during those cold winter months in Michigan, when the cost of heating your home can soar through the roof. Advanced insulation properties make it easy for vinyl windows to trap warmth in your home and maintain excellent energy performance ratings.

That’s why Michiganders who choose vinyl windows for their homes spend less on heating because they heat their homes using less energy which remains warm, even if they turn down the heat overnight.

Ready to Get Vinyl Windows for Your Home?

Here at 1-800-HANSONS, we know how vital windows are for Michigan homeowners. It helps you stay warm in the crisp fall and cold winter months and cuts the cost of heating by half.

That’s why this fall, we want to help you get your home ready. Replace your windows with our quality, triple pane vinyl windows. Request a FREE estimate, and you receive Attic Insulation at no extra charge.