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Replacement Window Design Trends

It’s mid-2018, and it’s time you introduced some new trends into your lovely home, isn’t it? Sure! One of the best ways to give your home a modern design vibe is to retire your old windows and follow the most popular design window trends that will leave everyone speechless. But, that’s not all – if you manage to upgrade your home in the right way (which you will,) you’ll not only improve your curb appeal but you’ll increase your home’s value on the market.

What Are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows or retrofit windows are the type of windows measured to fit in an existing window opening. To install the window, a contractor does not have to remove the exterior materials of the home; they will only replace the actual window itself.

Here are some of the latest trends in window replacement you should check out for inspiration:

Expansive Glass Is the New Wall

In 2018, expansive glass is en vogue; property holders are opting for this type of glass due to its exceptional daylighting potential. What is more, most homeowners gravitate to the expansive glass because of the way oversized replacement windows create an uninterrupted indoor-outdoor transition. A window wall can make tiny or cramped spaces seem more spacious while at the same time bringing nature into your home.

Pass-Through Sliders Aren’t Going Anywhere

What beats tall, sliding replacement windows used to head to outer finished spaces! Big sliding panels make this an elegant solution with its most popular application being connecting the kitchen to the deck. Homeowners love pass-through sliders as they are an option even for homes that don’t feature large sliding or accordion-style doors, awning, slider or folding windows. Great, right?

Black Is Back, and It’s Beautiful

We are over the moon that dark hues are making a comeback as there’s rarely anything as sleek and elegant as a window with a black exterior. In case you were wondering why they disappeared for a while in the first place, it was due to homeowners’ concerns about fading, but that’s now changed. With recent technical innovations, dark hues can now resist fading with exposure to UV rays, making these types of replacement windows one of the chicest and most practical window options.

Energy Efficiency as a Must

One of the top motivations for window replacement, energy efficiency has grown so popular that it’s evolved from a trend to a standard. Homeowners are now expecting ENERGY STAR® certification with every window replacement and, in doing so, improving their home’s whole thermal enclosure system.

Clean Lines Are a Thing

Crisp lines and squared-off edges are getting top honors in 2018; consumers are requesting the look of aluminum/steel-framed storefront windows but at a more palatable price point. As it seems, this trend is driving more use of direct-set windows and casement units instead of double-hung. As for shapes, they remain popular, but we see more squares and fewer arches. Some of today’s popular home styles appear dated and somewhat dull due to the arched-top and curved shapes.

In 2018, homeowners continue to seek out efficiency, chic simplicity and beauty in their home décor with windows and doors being no exception to this style rule. Getting replacement windows is now easier than ever with reputable companies that finish the work within days. Click here to get a FREE replacement window estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.