replacement window security options

Security Options for Your Replacement Windows

When the times come for you to replace the windows on your home, it is only natural to put window security on your must-have checklist. But, where do you start? Do iron window bars do the trick or are there more to your window security? Let’s see:


Window frames make for one of the most critical segments of your window security; when choosing the frames, you want to look at their strength and durability. Consult with a professional on the type of frames that are strong enough to provide resistance to damage caused by weather, bugs, moisture, and other elements.

Window Style

Talk to anyone in the “window business,” and you’ll hear that casement windows are the most secure option for your home. Given they only open using a hand crank on the interior, they provide more security than some other windows. Regrettably, casement windows aren’t fit for every placement and situation. You can also consider horizontally sliding windows or awning.

Specialty Glass

A tempered or laminated glass is the best option when you are looking to boost the security of your windows.

Tempered glass is reinforced, making it more difficult to break than regular glass. It is durable and one of the cheaper security options. Unfortunately, tempered glass can still break if a strong enough impact hits it. The positive side to its breaking is that once broken, it shatters into smaller pieces, helping to prevent injury. So, if you are concerned about reducing the physical harm of any potential impacts, tempered glass is the way to go.

Laminated window panes are a much stronger option than tempered glass; laminated windows can’t be cut from the outside, and they don’t shatter, so – if a burglar is counting on their glass cutters to enter your home, sorry!

Decorative Window Bars

Not everyone’s favorite choice but a secure one, decorative window bars can be easily customized to agree with your home’s style and even add a little chicness to it. However, most people aren’t that keen on the window bars idea as they do tend to look like a prison if not stylistically adapted to your home’s exterior. Still, with plenty of companies that specialize in decorative window bars, you can get gorgeous solutions and safety at the same time.

Iron bars are burglar resistant, even with a window smashed! When a thief tries to enter your home, they won’t be able to squeeze through the bars and will (hopefully) give up.

Window Alarms

Another option for your window security is window alarms. They have been a reasonably popular security option for a while. A window sensor alarm is designed to detect when a window is opened or broken. A more expensive window alarm option also detects movement outside the window even without the window being touched, opened, or broken. In both cases, there’s an alarm sounding to warn your family.

Everyone deserves to live in a secure home, and getting the right replacement window option is one of the critical elements, to begin with. If you need to consult with professionals on this matter, click here for a FREE estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.