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How Blinds Can Improve the Look of Your Windows

It may not be the time to replace your windows, but you are kind of tired of that same window look, aren’t you? We get it. Luckily, these days there are plenty of ways to upgrade your window look with just a little effort and money. The best makeover for your windows comes dressed as shades and blinds for the windows, offering distinct advantages in both substance and style.

Regardless of the type of window covering you choose – whether it’s cellular, wood, sheer, roller, roman, or panel – you’ll love the transformation they give to your windows and your home.

Here’s how blinds can improve the look of your windows:

Control Light, Privacy, Views, Security, and Temperature

One of the best things about shades is they offer you a full range of precision adjustments. When lowered, they not only protect against harmful UV rays but provide complete privacy; however, when you open them, they offer unobstructed views and plenty of light. You can also manage your privacy by tilting slats and vanes open or closed. To reduce energy costs and increase insulation, choose cellular shades that are not only practical but chic and delicate, too!

Things Get Easier

If you are into gadgets and smart-home apps you’ll love motorized shades that allow you to quickly adjust out-of-reach windows, eliminate potentially dangerous cords, and increase your home’s security. Using the right apps, you can open and close shades remotely, even while you are away at the grocery store, at work or on vacation.

A Clean, Crisp Look

Your carefully crafted décor will look ten times better with the right set of shades and blinds; available in complementary and matching colors, their timeless appeal and minimalist aesthetic balances any style while keeping the focus on your decorations and furnishings.

Easy to Maintain

To look their best, most shades and blinds don’t need more than a light vacuuming once or twice a year or a quick wipe with a dust cloth. Plus, unlike curtains, you don’t have to wash or dry clean them every month which saves money and time.

Simple to Install

Many blinds and shades are an easy DIY project you can do without having any experience. All it takes is a few simple measurements and a screwdriver, and you’ll see your room transform in no time! Accurate measuring is crucial, so check out any of the super helpful DIY tutorials on the net for help.


With hundreds of fabrics and colors available on the market, you can choose virtually any design you like. Choose the romantic folds of roman shades, opt for the sleek and modern look of roller shades, the classic charm of wood blinds or the soft feel of sheer shadings. Play around with all the available options to find the best solution for your home interior.

Now that you’ve decided to improve the look of your windows with blinds consider the tips above to make your decisions easier. If you need to talk to a professional, click here for a FREE estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.