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How Long Should My Windows Last?

When the time comes for you to replace your windows, you need to consider a few things:

  • The quality of window installment
  • The quality of the windows you plan to purchase (i.e., brand, materials, etc.)
  • How well is your house protected from the outside elements (i.e., what’s your insulation like)

Since new, replacement windows are a purchase you don’t want to spend money on repeatedly, you need to be mindful of all the relevant window criteria. So, here are some questions we have answered to help you understand a few relevant aspects of your window durability:

How Long Can I Expect My New Windows to Last?

Generally speaking, you can expect your windows to last approximately 20-25 years if you purchase them from a reputable brand and have them installed by professionals in the field. If you keep them in good shape, they could last even longer. However, specific brands don’t offer a guarantee on their windows for longer than 5, 7 or 15 years.

What Does a Window Lifespan Depend On?

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, there are a few factors you should pay attention to. Three significant factors you want to take into consideration when opting for a new set of windows are:

  • Window Materials
  • Window Insulation
  • Weather conditions

Window Materials

Two most common window materials you’ll find on the market are vinyl and wood. Each of the two has their benefits and downsides.

Middle-grade vinyl windows can last around 15 years, while premium vinyl windows can last for approximately 20 or 25 years. The difference between the two is in titanium dioxide within the vinyl that prevents windows from warping, cracking, or peeling while helping them maintain their structure stable over the years. It isn’t uncommon to find windows with a guarantee no longer than seven years; these types of windows usually come with a little price tag and come from big box home improvement stores.

Wood is a commonly used material for doors and windows due to their long durability and ease of maintenance. However, wood windows are prone to rapid deterioration (they chip, peel, and rot) unless adequately taken care of. Wood windows tend to be considerably more expensive than vinyl windows.

Window Installation

Having windows properly installed is one of the crucial elements for the extended durability of your windows. Unless you rely on professional help for window installation, not only will the lifespan of your windows be significantly lowered but your utility bill will skyrocket as well.

Window Weather

Among plenty of factors that impact the lifespan of a window, the weather is one of the crucial ones. Windows exposed to the bright sun are prone to last shorter than those partially covered with shade. The durability of windows will be jeopardized even more if the original window quality is poor.

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