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The Most Important Things to Look for in a Roofing Contractor

When it comes to home remodeling of any sort, choosing the best contractor is always a difficult task. Apart from having numerous questions to ask them, you have to go through the conflicting information you get from different contractors, and trust yourself to make the best possible decision.

Here are the three most important things to look for in a roofing contractor.


We’ve all fallen into the same trap – we meet a contractor that seems super sweet and pleasant to talk to, you’d say he’s experienced. But it is difficult to tell of their experience because you don’t have any knowledge in the field. And, you hire them on impulse, because they share the same political views or love the same type of drink you do. Wrong! Before you make any impulsive decision like that, ask your roofing contractor for a valid license. If they don’t have it on them or are trying to wiggle their way out of things, you can check the information yourself by contacting your town or city hall.


WOM marketing (word of mouth) is one of the best ways to get useful information on people you plan to work with. If you have a friend, relative, neighbor, etc. that can recommend a roofing contractor, great! If not, ask the contractors you are considering for references. Don’t be lazy – call each of the recommendations that you got to be sure your potential roofing contractor’s ability and reliability to do this job. Here are some questions to ask the references:

  • Were you satisfied with the work done?
  • How did the contractor handle any issues that came up?
  • Were the promised deadlines met?
  • Was there any secret work or surprise fees that came up later?
  • Would you hire this contractor again?

Manufacturer’s Certification

Working with a certified roofing contractor is a big plus, although not a necessary trait. Roofing contractors that aren’t certified by roofing material manufacturers still get work, but a certification goes a long way. The main difference between a certified and an uncertified roofing contractor is the specialized training from the manufacturer on how to install a roof correctly. What is more, an accredited roofing contractor can offer you a manufacturer’s warranty, covering you in the event of an installation error or a defect down the road.

Job Knowledge

Experience is more important than you think, especially when it comes to roofing. Before hiring your roofing contractor, make sure they:

  • Can explain to you precisely what they intend to do from start to finish
  • Have extensive knowledge in dealing with different types of roofs and roofing materials
  • Are capable of and knowledgeable enough to check things for you before providing the estimate
  • Can give an estimate on the number of layers of roofing you already have installed, instead of just guessing

These and similar parameters do play a huge role.

Written Contract

Trust is fine, but a contract keeps you safe. Hire a roofing contractor who doesn’t run away from signing a document obliging them to complete the work as they had promised. Furthermore, a contract ensures you’ll get everything verbally discussed done in actuality; the way it’s been agreed.

To avoid any headaches in the future, the important thing is to choose a roofing contractor that’s reliable, and who will make your life easier and your wallet secure as much as possible. To stay on the safe side, click here for a FREE estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.