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What Factors Affect the Cost of Vinyl Siding?

Giving your home a new look is very exciting, but it is a very costly investment to make. Luckily, not everything about your home upgrade has to cost an arm and a leg. By finding the best solutions to upgrade the siding on your home, you’ll not only increase its curb appeal but also make your home more energy efficient.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Vinyl Siding

Popular siding choices usually fluctuate in price, and much of it depends on whether you are choosing raw materials for the siding (metal, wood, etc.) or you are going with a vinyl siding. What you should know straight away is that no material is as inexpensive as vinyl and as durable for the price you pay. Still, there are a few factors that affect the pricing of the product you should consider:

Factor 1: Vinyl Siding Characteristics

The final vinyl pricing will depend a lot on whether you have an already prepared surface. The type of add-ons you opt for may come in different textures, colors, shapes, and styles. The two best options to consider are either a clapboard vinyl side or batten siding. To make it more energy efficient, you can always get it insulated before you install it. The final product cost will depend on a variety of petty extras and smaller details.

Factor 2: Size of the House

Before you ask for a vinyl siding cost estimate, you need to take the size of your house into consideration along with any potential, additional upgrades you plan to do on it. If your exterior surfaces area is large, you need more materials and therefore will spend more. So, make sure you do the measuring right before you go into purchasing vinyl or hiring contractors. Once you do all the measurements, do a budget calculation to see if your expected expenses fit your potential costs.

Factor 3: Shape of the House

Although taking the shape of your home into consideration when thinking about vinyl costs may sound silly. The reason for it is pretty apparent. The more of a box-style house, the less money you’ll spend. However, if you have a bunch of eaves and turrets on your four or a five storied building, the cost of your vinyl siding is going to be bigger than anticipated, and the installation time will be longer, as well.

Factor 4: The Condition of Your Current Siding

If you are installing siding from scratch, the costs will be much less. However, if you already have siding that needs to be removed and replaced with the new one, you’ll have to pay an additional amount of $1,000-$3,000. Also, you could be looking into other costs for repairs if it happens that your outside walls are damaged, wavy or uneven (you’ll only see this after the old siding is removed).

Vinyl siding doesn’t only have an aesthetic role for your home, but it also keeps any rough weather out. Expect to spend anything around $5,000 to $25,000 on vinyl siding, whether you are considering a replacement or a repair of vinyl siding. If you need to consult with experts, click here for a FREE estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.