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The Beauty of Garden Windows

Living in a house without a garden or in an apartment without a terrace or balcony doesn’t mean you can’t grow a beautiful garden to enjoy with your friends and family. After all, we all need a flower or two in our lives, don’t we? But, how do you bring a garden into your home if there’s seemingly no space to do such a thing? Simple! If your windows meet all the requirements for plants to thrive, and there’s enough space to transform those same windows into small gardens, you can easily give more life to your home with a little greenery here and there. You’ll agree that there is a vast difference between looking through an empty window and one that’s been dressed up with plants and flowers, right?

On that note, read the below tips on how to grow a little garden and give your (garden) windows a delightful makeover.

Choose the Ideal Flowerpot for a Window

Everything depends on the space you have, but it’s always better to use a rectangular planter than several separate ones. It’s recommended that these planters are made of plastic material since they are lighter and don’t overload the support. Most importantly, they should be well attached to the structure of the window to avoid any possibility of falling. For instance, a pair of iron bars on the outer edge can be placed correctly for this purpose, so that the planters are held firmly between the windowsill and the support.

There is a whole range of pots to choose from; colorful plastic containers, those adorable ones that mimic rattan or look like terracotta and even sophisticated structures that act as a vertical garden for windows.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Go a little unusual and use colored glass vases in different sizes and textures if you plan to keep your small garden indoors. This composition will reflect the sun beautifully as you’ll get a subtle flash of colors, bright light, and beautiful hues. Plus, paired with some additional decorative bits such as adorable figurines and beautiful candles, your garden windows will look amazing, and enrich your home with a cheerful and positive vibe.

Choose the Right Plants to Decorate Your Windows

To enjoy color throughout the year, you can resort to seasonal plants such as surfinia, geranium, Scaevola, lobelia, and similar types. These are hanging plants that bloom in spring and summer. In winter, the options are more limited, but you can opt for violas and some cyclamen that’s smaller in size. If it is a very sunny place, Thunbergia alata will bloom throughout the entire winter. What’s more, when mixing green plants with the flowering ones, the planter will be fuller and the result – way more luxurious.

Go a Step Further

Some other options also include small leaf ivy, asparagus, ficus pumila or peperomia. Here’s a bonus for all the culinary buffs: since nothing beats having fresh herbs at hand when preparing your favorite dishes. There is nothing better than growing those same herbs in your garden! Plus, they won’t fail in their decorative role, either – your kitchen window will look spectacular. In case you’re worried you’ll forget to water and tend to your window garden regularly, opt for low-maintenance plants.

Choose the Right Type of Windows

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