Casement windows

The Beauty and Benefits of Casement Windows

Are your windows damaged or warped? Does your home need a makeover?

Whether you’re replacing an old window that has weathered by time or you’ve decided to replace your windows to give your home a new look, you’ll be presented by a lot of replacement window options. Replacement windows are also called retrofit; they were developed to fit inside the current window frame without having to remove the existing exterior and interior window frame.

Casement windows are one of the replacement window choices you will come across. The window opens outward or inward similar to a door thanks to the pivots or hinges along its vertical side. Here are five great reasons why you should choose casement windows as your replacement:

Casement Windows are Energy-Efficient

One of the benefits you should be looking for when determining a replacement window is energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows improve insulation, saving you a lot of money in energy bills. Because the window sash presses against the frame when it’s closed, an airtight seal is created.

Casement Windows Offer Better Security

The security of your home and safety of the people who live in it should be your top priority. Burglars gain access to homes by looking for vulnerabilities; they typically find these weak spots in doors or windows. Casement windows have locks that are impossible to reach from the outside. They have hook-shaped locks that are embedded within the frame; this makes them tough to break.

Casement Windows Enhance the Look of a Home

Casement windows can instantly modernize your home. They’re perfect windows to place over sinks or countertops, but they’re beautiful anywhere in your house. Casement windows are elegant and pivot out 90 degrees. They have a beautiful beveled design that accentuates the glass.

Casement Windows Fully Open Allowing Fresh Air into Your Home

Casement windows open and close smoothly, allowing excellent ventilation. They let a lot of fresh air to enter your home. Some models can even be fitted for automatic openers. Unlike most other windows, casement windows swing open entirely. With sliding windows, for example, only one side can open while the other side is fixed. And with double hung windows, just the upper or lower half opens each time.

Casement Windows Come in a Variety of Designs

An experienced replacement window installer can offer various casement window design options. They come in a variety of features. You can also have them customized in the exact size and color you desire. They are perfect for replacing existing picture windows that don’t open or slider and double-hung windows. You can also use them as stand-alone or as the building blocks for your bow or bay windows.

At 1-800 HANSONS, we use specially formulated vinyl, allowing us to fusion weld our windows for strength and durability. We also use rust-resistant hardware that ensures they won’t stick or bind. If you’re ready to enhance and modernize your home with new casement windows, let’s get into the swing of things.

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