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Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, bay and bow windows look alike which is why many people don’t recognize the difference right away. Both types of windows are beautiful in their own way; however, if you look closely, you’ll see that each has something special about it. Knowing what makes each unique may ultimately help you decide which window you want in specific rooms in your home.

How Bow and Bay Windows Are Different

Bay windows feature three window openings mulled at 25 to 45-degree angles. Its overall structure consists of a picture window with two smaller windows on each side. The side windows are typically a combination of double-hung or casement window styles. Each pane within a bay window can be designed to open, allowing fresh air into the room.

Bay windows are more suitable for modern homes. They tend to jut out more from the wall which allows for more floor space on the inside of the home, resulting in more storage and seating space. Bay windows are also more narrow. Typically, a small roof is built over the top of the window that is placed underneath an overhanging eave.

Bow windows have four or five windows mulled at 10 degrees. The bow window’s structure is curved with four or five openings. Because they have more glass panes than bay windows, they allow more sunlight into the room, opening up your views to the outside and are most often installed in dining and living rooms. Because bow windows are more curved, they create a Victorian effect making them perfect for homes with that architectural aesthetic. Bow windows work especially well installed in the corners of a house creating a unique shape on the outside and an attractive nook on the inside. Bow windows allows for a beautiful view from two sides of the home.

Both bow and bay windows give the illusion of a larger room. Both come in a variety of styles. They’re highly customizable; you can choose designer glass, frame colors, and grilles. Whichever you decide, you can’t go wrong with bay or bow windows. Both bay and bow windows are also considered energy efficient.

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