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Types of Vinyl Siding and the Pros and Cons of Other Siding

Vinyl siding is fast-becoming the siding option of choice and with good reason. It is low maintenance and economical compared to other siding choices. It comes in a wide color selection and numerous profiles.

There are three basic siding types:

  1. Horizontal – Also referred to as Clapboard Siding or “traditional lap” siding. This type of vinyl siding runs across the house horizontally from end to end.
  2. Vertical – Also referred to as Clapboard siding. This type of vinyl siding that runs up and down or vertically in different widths.
  3. Shake – Vinyl cedar shake mimics real wood without the high cost and high maintenance associated with real wood.

Vinyl vs. Other Types of Siding

Let’s see how vinyl siding compares to other siding options:

Vinyl siding vs. Wood

Wood brings natural beauty to any home. Unfortunately, wood isn’t the best material because it is prone to damage from the elements and insects. Fortunately, materials like vinyl mimic wood. With vinyl, you can achieve the look of natural wood without the high-maintenance that comes with wood siding. Also, wood costs twice what vinyl costs.

Vinyl siding vs. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is made from wood pulp mixed with cement that is then formed into boards or shingles. Compared to fiber cement, vinyl siding is produced in many more types and styles with dozens of color options. Fiber cement will last longer than vinyl; however, vinyl only requires low-maintenance cleaning while fiber cement will need to be caulked and painted at regularly over its 30-50-year lifespan depending on the harshness of the weather. Speaking of weather, insulated vinyl siding while that option is not available for fiber cement.

Vinyl siding vs. Brick and Stone

Brick and stone siding offer homes a traditional look that is elegant. Both vinyl and brick and stone are fairly low-maintenance choices. Vinyl is comparatively cheaper. Both materials provide good installation and resistance to outside noise.

Vinyl siding vs. Stucco

Stucco is both fire and insect-proof and can last up to 100 years. However, stucco can cost 3x what vinyl is worth.

Vinyl siding vs. Metal Siding

Metal siding doesn’t come in as many types, styles, and colors. Metal siding (aluminum and steel) has a powder-coated finish that eventually wears off or fades. It can be, however, be repainted making it more high-maintenance in the long run. Metal siding does last slightly longer than vinyl and is considered stronger as it won’t melt or burn as easily. While metal siding is cheaper, vinyl still offers better value when you think long-term because the cost of repainting metal material will add up.

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