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Why You Should Replace Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows

Vinyl wasn’t a window material option until the 50s which explains why a lot of older model homes have wood windows. But because of the limited vinyl options and people who were unsure about experimenting with a new material, people continued to choose wood windows. However, the many decades that have passed have proven why vinyl is far superior to wood as the material of choice for your windows. Here’s why:


To begin with, wood windows demand far more maintenance than vinyl. Wood doesn’t age well. Wood will warp, stain, splinter, and rot, particularly if you live somewhere with harsh weather conditions. To protect them from the elements, wood windows need to be re-painted or re-stained every 3-4 years.

Vinyl windows, on the other hand, require very little upkeep after they’re installed; they will never need re-painting or re-staining. To clean your vinyl windows, you simply need to wash them once a year and give them a quick checkup to ensure they’re performing as they should.


Not only do vinyl windows come in a wide range of options, but they’re easier to obtain. Even manufacturers and retailers have recognized the demand for them and preferred to keep vinyl windows in stock. If you’re on a construction schedule, waiting for wood windows may slow things down.


Wood windows cost more thanks to supply and demand. You can say they cost more because they’re more beautiful or worth more; however, cost and worth are different. The price tag on wood windows depends mostly on the actual costs it takes to build them because no one is making them anymore. You’ll find that vinyl windows cost about 25% less than wood windows, but it’s not because they’re “cheap” – only cheaper to make because of high demand.


It’s true that the vinyl windows first introduced in the 1950s weren’t at all attractive and spoiled the look of a home. Today, however, vinyl windows come in more colors and much more attractive. In fact, you can even find vinyl windows outfitted with a woodgrain laminate to create realistic looking wood such as oak, maple, and cherry. So you would get the look of wood minus the disadvantages that come with real wood.


Wood and vinyl windows perform similarly when it comes to energy efficiency. Wood windows offer great insulation because they are natural insulators. However, because wood is susceptible to warping and rotting, they ultimately lose their effectiveness.

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