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9 Reasons to Hire a Vinyl Siding Professional

Vinyl siding is the siding of choice because apart from being durable, it’s the cost-effective choice. Some homeowners may think that just because contractors say that the installation is fast, they can easily install is themselves. After all, installing it yourself means you’re saving even more money.

Installing siding isn’t as easy as it looks. Many DIYers and weekend handyman warriors will reason that they can easily replace siding themselves. However, installing siding is best done by experienced professionals. Here’s why:

No Need to Buy New Tools and Equipment
Installing siding yourself will require specific tools and equipment. And if you don’t happen to already have those, then you will need to either borrow, rent, or buy them.

Siding professionals already have all those tools and know exactly which ones to bring to your home.

Installation Is Completed On Time
Your day job means that you’ll only be able to tackle siding installation on your weekend. And if you’re inexperienced, the work may carry over to the following weekend and maybe even the next. A siding professional can deliver results much faster.

Help Choosing the Right Siding Material
When you connect with if a professional siding contractor, they can explain the different material choices to ensure you know exactly what kind of maintenance is involved for each. In addition, they can go over what siding materials are most recommended for your home depending on how the weather may affect it.

Professional Experience and Training
Professional contractors who specialize in siding have the experience and training to ensure that the siding is installed properly. Remember that many types of siding material have to be installed in a specific manner, and with specific techniques and tools.

Obtain Necessary Permits
Homeowners are typically required to take out building permits for any significant structural work. You can assume that a permit will be required to completely remove the siding on your home and replace it with new material. A siding professional has the knowledge to navigate the permit system and obtain you one.

No Vital Steps Missed
A professional contractor has done this so many times that they know which steps to take and which ones they should be careful not to miss. The process of removing the old siding and installing the new siding can be complicated for anyone who has never done it before.

Demolition and Cleanup
Deciding to do everything yourself means you’re not only taking out the old siding which may be rotting and disgusting, but you’ll also be left with the cleanup once the new siding has been installed.

A professional siding contractor covers all that for you while practicing safety precautions in handling damaged siding as well as the proper disposal of the old material

Safety Precautions and Insurance
Contractors are equipped with the proper safety gear and are insured in the unfortunate event of any accidental property damage. Workers’ compensation covers worksite injuries.

Better Warranties
Most materials will only have manufacturer warranties, and that’s as far as it goes. If a problem arises from improperly installed material that you installed yourself, there’s no one to blame but you. However, when the job is performed by a certified contractor, warranties can extend to the workmanship.

When it comes to installing siding, you don’t need to give up a weekend or more when you should be taking a break from work. And while doing it on your own will save you money now, it could cost you big in the long run if you do it incorrectly.

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