rain management

Rain Management: How Gutters Solve Problems

Your house location, the foundation, and the grading of your property are all important factors in your rain water management system. But don’t forget about the most important part of rain management, your gutters.

Gutter systems that aren’t installed correctly, or do not have an adequate amount of downspouts can allow water to overflow the system. This can allow water to leak into your siding, or worse, cause an ice dam in the winter months. Downspouts that aren’t positioned strategically, or are too short can cause water to permeate the soil around your foundation/retaining wall causing it to leak or even fail. Basements and crawlspaces can also flood from too much water pooling too close to your house.

A successful rain water management system will have gutters connected securely to the house, an adequate number of downspouts to handle water distribution, and long enough downspouts to direct water away from your foundation.

Lastly, to keep your gutters working properly throughout the year, you should invest in a gutter protection device to keep leaves and debris from clogging them. These protection devices fit securely over your gutters, allowing water in and keeping debris out. No more cleaning out your gutters on a yearly basis! And, with a clear gutter system you can protect your home from damage caused by water and ice.