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Do You Have a Siding Problem?

Your siding is one of the most important features of your home, buffering it from the outside elements while protecting the interior drywall and insulation. How can you tell if it’s time for new siding?

Is the color faded? Is there wood rot or warping? Most signs of damage will show as wavy, warped, or uneven spots in the siding. You may see exposed nail heads, or rusty or missing nails. Missing nails can be a sign of expansion and contraction. Rusty nails can be a sign of moisture. Over time caulk can shrink, crack or wear away. Your siding should appear seamless if it is caulked correctly.

Termites, rot, or mold damage can sometimes be invisible to the naked eye, if you are experiencing mold in your interior drywall you can be assured that there is probably moisture behind your siding. And if you see water stains that start or stop suddenly, it can be a sign that water is entering your siding and affecting the interior of your home.

Protect your home, while ensuring a safe and healthy interior environment by choosing quality products, installed by a reputable company.

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