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The Importance of Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is an important aspect to protecting your largest investment, your home. Ventilation with outside air reduces the average attic air temperature in the summer, protecting your roof and making your house more comfortable. Ventilation has also been shown to be a valuable strategy for removing excess moisture from attics, preventing the condensation that can create ice dam formations and attic mold.

Proper attic ventilation can be accomplished with passive ventilation, or powered ventilation. Passive ventilation of attic space utilizes soffits or eaves with ridge ventilation. Powered ventilation utilizes forced or powered air displacement. With either type of ventilation, it’s important to make sure that there is an adequate amount of intake air into the attic space to account for and offset the amount of air that will be exhausted.

A properly vented attic will ensure the longevity of your roof and more importantly your biggest investment, your home.

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