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Some bathtubs categorized as "walk-in" actually require a low step-in, as they have higher seats and outward-opening doors that enable a person to simply sit on the seat and pivot and swing his or her legs into the tub.

This type of walk-in bathtub can be helpful to wheelchair users and to others with mobility impairments.

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The Benefits of a Hansons Walk-In Tub

Think of the feeling you have when you draw a hot bath, sit down in the tub and let the warm water wash away the cares of the day. After the bath, you emerge refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go. For many people, the luxury of taking a bath has become a thing of the past, as age and mobility issues have robbed them of one of life's simple pleasures.

We now have the product that can get you back in the water again, safely and affordably. Our Walk-in Tubs easily replace your existing tub, so no extra construction is needed. Because it comes standard with the best features on the market, the Smart Choice Tub from Hansons is not only the most's the best.

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Rediscover the Pleasure of a Luxurious Bath...Safely and Affordably

Walk-in bathtubs have either an inward-opening or "cap" like fitted door that is self-sealing. Most walk-in bathtubs also have a chair-height seat, but some, which are the same basic configuration as a standard bathtub, do not have any seat. In some instances an inward-opening door may be considered a disadvantage because emergency access is impossible, since the pressure of the water on the door is holding it closed. However, the advantage is that an inward opening door is "self-sealing" due to the pressure of the water inside the bath assisting in maintaining a water-tight seal.

Outward-swinging doors are equipped with a special seal so that they will not leak. These types of doors also facilitate access for users who need to perform a lateral transfer from a wheelchair in order to gain access to the bathing area. Other tubs have side walls that raise and lower, while others have doors that slide into the wall of the tub.

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