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Why Hansons Wins the Price Wars

Highest Volume Seller: Nobody else even comes close to selling as much siding as Hansons, which allows us to offer the lowest prices.

Lowest Overhead: Because we sell so much siding, we can spread our overhead over more jobs; this savings is passed on to YOU!

Best at Advertising: We buy our advertising cheaper and have more effective ads. This gives us significant savings compared to other siding companies.

Accountable Employees: Our installers are paid by the job, not by the hour - so they have incentive to work quickly AND with high quality.

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Vinyl Siding Features by Hansons

Pure PVC vinyl siding with solid color throughout will not peel, fade or crack. Made with titanium dioxide, which protects from ultra-violet light. Heat stabilization protects from discoloring/degrading impact.Modifier keeps siding from getting brittle, cracking or denting.

Don't paint your house again this year! Choose the best siding: Hansons vinyl siding, and enjoy maintenance-free siding that will last for years to come. Hansons stands behind the work we do; that is why we spare no expense in guaranteeing quality installation. The best product in the world will not do its job, unless it is installed properly. Cheap, shoddy work is common in the siding industry, but at Hansons, you will get top quality products installed as they are meant to be, all at a low price. We guarantee our work in writing!
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Why Vinyl Siding?

The work surface is inspected prior to starting; any loose boards or nails are secured to prevent denting and creasing. The underlying insulating layers you have selected are then installed, and finally, our Guardian siding and trim is artfully applied to your home.

We caulk and seal all of our siding and trim with the best product on the market, Solar Seal a terpolymer rubber sealant), for maximum flexibility and durability. The work area is then cleaned and all job debris is hauled away.

We offer an amazing array of colors and styles, all designed to give your home a complete makeover, overnight. Hansons vinyl siding is special because it gives your home a sleek, stylish look that will get people talking. We can make your dream look a reality, at the cheapest prices around!

Since 1988, Hansons has been making homeowners like you happy with our top grade siding products. That’s over 25 years of success! We use a simple but effective method: We offer the best vinyl siding products in the business at the cheapest prices around and we stand behind all our work with the strongest warranties possible.

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