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Roofing & Siding Design Showcase
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Why Hansons Wins the Price Wars Highest Volume Seller: Nobody else even comes close to selling as much roofing as Hansons, which allows us to offer the lowest prices.

Lowest Overhead: Because we sell so many roofs, we can spread our overhead over more jobs; this savings is passed on to YOU!

Best at Advertising: We buy our advertising cheaper and have more effective ads. This gives us significant savings compared to other siding companies.

Accountable Employees: Our installers are paid by the job, not by the hour - so they have incentive to work quickly AND with high quality.

Roofing Michigan

Introducing The Only Roof That Is 100% Guaranteed In Writing To Never Leak For As Long As Your Home Is Standing.

There is nothing more frustrating or harder to deal with than a leaky roof. That’s why we’ve pioneered the industry’s ONLY true, lifetime “No Leak Guarantee.” And with HANSONS, you STILL pay the lowest prices - also 100% guaranteed.

We use the highest quality materials. We insist on extra layers of weather protection. We only use certified installers. RESULT: literally the best roof money can buy.

Out of all the exterior home improvement projects (roofing, windows, siding, decks, etc.) ROOFING is definitely the one where “trying to do the job on the cheap” will come back to haunt you the most. That’s because not only are energy efficiency and aesthetics at stake - so is the very integrity of your home itself!
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The Last Roof You'll Ever Buy. Period.

At Hanson’s you don’t have to choose between a great price and a quality job. Our low prices are legendary, and they are in fact, truly the lowest prices. Read the box to the right to see how and why.

But low prices are just the beginning - we also insist on quality levels that other contractors don’t even talk about, let alone offer. Ask someone else for a TRUE lifetime material and labor warranty on a roof and they’ll either turn and run… or laugh because they thought you were telling a joke.

Please read the rest of our roofing section to see exactly how and why we offer the highest quality roof your money can buy. Check or references. Read our reviews. Watch our video and compare warranties. In the end you’ll come to the inescapable conclusion: EVERYTHING WE SAY IS TRUE - Hansons really is that much better.

Hansons is the leading roofing company throughout Michigan and Ohio. Our Smart Choice and Premium Roofs come with a full lifetime warranty that covers the materials, parts, and labor. Our roofing materials are high quality and energy efficient. Our low sales pressure and pre-printed prices will make your replacement roof shopping experience pleasant. We service Detroit Michigan, and many surrounding communities including Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Saginaw, and others… plus Toledo Ohio.

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