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Roofing & Siding Design Showcase
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Why Hansons Wins the Price Wars Highest Volume Seller: Nobody else even comes close to selling as much roofing as Hansons, which allows us to offer the lowest prices.

Lowest Overhead: Because we sell so many roofs, we can spread our overhead over more jobs; this savings is passed on to YOU!

Best at Advertising: We buy our advertising cheaper and have more effective ads. This gives us significant savings compared to other siding companies.

Accountable Employees: Our installers are paid by the job, not by the hour - so they have incentive to work quickly AND with high quality.

Roofing Michigan

Introducing The Only Roof That Is 100% Guaranteed To Never Leak.

The Last Roof You'll Ever Buy. Period.

There is nothing more frustrating or harder to deal with than a leaky roof. That’s why we’ve pioneered the industry’s ONLY lifetime “No Leak Guarantee.” We use the highest quality materials for full weather protection.

At Hansons you don’t have to choose between a great price and a quality job; we offer them both! But low prices are just the beginning; we also insist on quality levels that outdo all of our competitors. You can’t find another roofing company that has a lifetime material and a labor warranty like ours.
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One of our premier products is a rubber composite shingle. These rubber shingles have granule lock technology holding the granules in place, which will make the roof last decades longer without leaking or failing! Because there is no flexibility, asphalt gets hard and cracks just like potholes in the road, while rubber stays flexible and allows for expansion and contraction in the extreme heat and cold.

Although rubber shingles cost more initially, you are buying lifetime performance as opposed to a temporary fix, which will save you from having to do the project again and again. As a bonus, rubber shingles are resistant to staining and algae growth keeping it looking new for the life of the roof.

Hansons is the top roofing company throughout Michigan and Ohio. Our Smart Choice and Premium Roofs come with a full lifetime warranty that covers the materials, parts, and labor. Our roofing materials are high quality and energy efficient. Our low sales pressure will make your replacement roof shopping experience easy.

Repairing or replacing a roof is a costly hassle, and it's definitely not something that you want to do every 5 to 10 years. Take advantage of the many benefits of rubber shingles and have a environmentally friendly and durable roof that will last a lifetime.

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